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This movie is Director By Bobby Khan
Star Cast: Sunny Leone, Shivani Tanksale , Mohit Ahlawat, Rajneesh Duggal, Jas Arora, Jay Bhanushali, Rahul Dev
The film’s name is a contradiction. It must have been Many Pahelis Leela, because all finished this awful drag, I kept annoying to resolve numerous mysteries with no success, pending up with a big nothing in the end.
Is it around Meera (Sunny Leone), a London-based perfect with a fear of hovering, who finds this woman in Rajasthan in the inanest likely way? Or is it about Leela (Sunny Leone, over) who existed three 100 years ago, but whose greasepaint and craftily cut ‘cholis’ plummeting to her well-formed umbilicus, which sways dizzyingly on the banks, propose that she’s just over sliding into her clothing and come on set? Or is it about receiving Ms Leone in as numerous cash shots—torso, waist, back, limbs, bare, simpler, simplest—as likely, Meera, Leela, who upkeeps?

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